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Two and Three Phase Separators

Three Phase Separators
PTS Separator

Separation is crucial for oil and gas production, two-phase separators, three phase separators, filter coalescing separators, cyclone separators, vane type mist extractors, vane packs, crude oil separators, plate packs, coalescing gas separators, coalescers, crude oil separator are all separation devices. Separator design can be very sophisticated relying on accurate temperature, pressure gas, gas and liquid density residence time and oil viscosity.
            Three-phase separators change with the GOR, relative water to oil ratios, turndown percentage and pressure changes. Internal velocities including gas and liquid setting are critical.
            Mist carryover can be eliminated with vane packs, filter coalescers, cyclones plate packs and mesh pad mist eliminates. Three-phase separators, two-phase separators, double barrel horizontal separators all require level controls. Since the separators have interned chambers with weirs, down comers and filter coalescers, there is a need for external piping.
            Sep-Pro, being an ASME code shop, builds all the vessels and piping systems. Since the separators usually have heavy wall thickness, heat-treating is usually required. For corrosive environment the vessels can also be internally coated.